Discover more from your existing content.

Earn more from your traffic by monetizing your existing content.

Fix broken links, insert affiliate codes into unprofitable links, create links from keywords, track clicks, and so much more.

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See what monetization & optimization strategies Linkmonetizer can discover from your existing content.
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These are just the bare minimum you can accomplish with Linkmonetizer.


track normal and invalid clicks

Track clicks & remove invalid clicks

See how popular your links are and swap out unprofitable links – for promoted links, retire them easily!

discover keyword linking opportunities

Discover keyword linking opportunities

Go through keywords and phrases found on your site for the ones with the biggest earning potential.

manage links on a schedule

Manage your links on a schedule – dynamically

Cycle through links on a URL depending on your schedule. Got a seasonal blog? Use seasonal affiliate links, codes and much more.

change link descriptions

Change descriptions and destinations of links

Keep your SEO efforts working for you — change link destination on the fly without affecting SERPs.

fix broken links easily

Manage broken & malformed links with ease

Linkmonetizer detects when an invalid click occurs. We send you alerts to make sure it never occurs again.

change link descriptions

Prevent unintentional external site exits

Keep readers & customers on your site by opening external links and urls in a separate tab or window.

Content is King — Control your Kingdom.

You've created the content - you've generated the traffic - see how you can earn more from it.



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Get Started

  • Unlimited Sites / Domains
  • Up to 10 Keyword Targeting Rules
  • Up to 10 Existing Link Swaps
  • Open in New Window or Tab
  • Replace Broken External Links
  • Fix Broken Internal Links
  • Track Link Clicks
  • Insert / Replace Affiliate Codes


everything in basic

  • Up to 50 Keyword Targeting Rules
  • Link & Keyword Performance Metrics
  • Scheduled Links & Keywords
  • 3rd Party App Integration


everything in standard

  • Up to 100 Keyword Targeting Rules
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • White Label Direct Sales Portal